Discovery 909次點閱

驚奇工程第3季Impossible Engineering S3
9月2日起,每週六 晚間10點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 22:00, starting September 2.


Behind every seemingly-impossible marvel of modern engineering is a cast of heroic trailblazers who pioneered new building techniques. The series celebrates modern engineering, from the International Space Station to the Panama Canal. As we revel in these modern day creations we leap back in time to recount the stories of the exceptional engineers behind the historic technological advances that made it all possible.


街頭心理實驗Outrageous Acts of Psych
9月4起,每週一 晚間11點首播。
Premieres every Monday at 23:00, starting September 4.


Meet the show that gets inside your head! Witness social experiments that test the limits of human behavior with humor and the science behind why we do what we do.


特種部隊的地獄考驗第2季Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week S2
9月9日起,每週六 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 21:00, starting September 9.


Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week is a British reality television series where physically fit civilian contestants are put through special forces style selection exercises. Each episode features an instructor and exercises from a different force, and contestants either withdraw voluntarily, are medically withdrawn, or are dismissed for poor performance.

舊車改造突擊隊第8季Overhaulin' S8
9月9日起,每週六 晚間11點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 23:00, starting September 9.


Can a group of custom car builders work at lightning speed on a limited budget to transform a clunker into a hot custom car... without the owner finding out?  Using stealthy cooperation from friends and/or family to separate the car from the owner, the OVERHAULIN’ team returns to Discovery Channel with an all-new season to perform ultra high-speed custom makeovers.  From faded out heaps to rusting wrecks, the expert team of builders, led by hot rod automobile designer Chip Foose, works tirelessly to reinvent pieces of junk into dream machines.  Co-hosts and design maestros Chris Jacobs and Adrienne “A.J.” Janic are also on hand to help turn driveway beaters into works of art.

翻新中古車第13季Wheeler Dealers S13
9月12日起,每週二 晚上8點首播。
Premieres every Tuesday at 20:00, starting September 12.


The series will have the same brilliant dynamic between Mike and Edd, as they scramble to restore cars in a race against the clock. With expert mechanic Edd and a brand-new workshop to keep busy, Mike will search out fabulous motoring legends, negotiating bargains with tough customers, and in the process, meeting some of the most passionate car nuts in the world. Edd’s got challenges too. He’ll tussle with mechanical problems he’s only ever read about, and get his hands dirty on some motors he’s never seen up close.

荒野求生全明星第3季Running Wild with Bear Grylls S3
9月16日起,每週六 晚間8點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 20:00, starting September 16.


Private jets, after parties, sparkling swag bags and a coterie of personal assistants, publicists, agents and managers. Why would anyone trade this for two days of roughing it in the wilderness? In RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS, the famed adventurer and survivalist will take celebrities into wild and remote locations for a journey of a lifetime. Together, they will endure the harsh wilderness and run a high-stakes gauntlet of mental and physical obstacles, with a reward of spiritual renewal waiting at each remote extraction point. Join Bear and the celebrities as they step out of their comfort zones and embark on their individual high-octane, action-filled empowering journeys on each hour-long episode.