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漁人的搏鬥第13季Deadliest Catch S13
7月3日起,每週一 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Monday at 21:00, starting July 3.


Another season of king crab begins with big changes, old wounds and rivalries that never die. For some it’s a season of change; for others, a chance to make a name for themselves. But some things remain constant: the perilous, icy waters of the Bering Sea and the most dangerous job in the world. After a record-breaking, heartbreaking season last year, the Emmy® award-winning DEADLIEST CATCH returns to Discovery Channel. Surrounded by death and a multitude of injuries these brave men struggle to return from man’s oldest journey alive.


手機玩咖闖天涯Stupid Man Smart Phone
7月5日起,每週三 晚間11點首播。
Premieres every Wednesday at 23:00, starting July 5.


From hailing a cab in the early hours of the morning, to diagnosing an illness in three symptoms, our smartphones can help us overcome any practical problem. In this entertaining series, pampered city-dweller Russell Kane takes this idea to its extreme. He's attempting some of the world's toughest outdoor adventures, with no training, no guide and his only survival tool is a mobile phone. Each episode sees the sardonic stand-up joined by a young internet star who can consult a huge online fanbase. Together, they'll travel via dog sled to a Norwegian Sami village, transport a cow across the Moroccan desert, and take on many more arduous expeditions. They'll have to hunt, find shelter and perhaps most testing of all put up with each other. Our wannabe survivalists won't be completely alone; they'll be joined by the international online community. As well as video-calling some of the web's top survival experts, they'll also crowdsource suggestions on social media. But how do they know which tips to trust? And can a smartphone really help you find enough to eat, drink and stay alive?


原始生活40天第2季Naked And Afraid Xl S2
7月6日起,每週四 晚間10點首播。
Premieres every Thursday at 22:00, starting July 6.

如果將Discovery Channel熱門生存實境節目《原始生活21天》乘以六倍,將會得到前所未見的生存挑戰,《原始生活40天》號召12位最有智慧與活力的生存鬥士,這六男六女過去都曾參加過《原始生活21天》,在極限求生領域各有擅長。如今他們將面對幾乎無法維生的困境,在極為偏遠的環境裡,沒有食物、沒有飲水、沒有衣物,起初甚至沒有同伴。有些人或許很快就找到夥伴,有些人根本不會遇到其他人,《原始生活40天》終歸是場社會挑戰,若彼此相見,這些生存鬥士會如何互動?會選擇同進退,還是分道揚鑣?是否有人會從頭到尾孤軍奮戰?

What do you get when you multiply Discovery Channel's monster survival hit Naked and Afraid by six?  A survival challenge unlike any other survival challenge attempted before.  NAKED AND AFRAID XL will premiere this summer on Discovery Channel with 12 of the smartest, most dynamic survivalists who have previously appeared on Naked and Afraid. These six men and six women, all extreme survivalists with their own expertise, will find themselves in an almost un-survivable situation, stranded in a very remote area with no food, no water, and no clothing, and at first, they won't even have each other.  Some may find a partner within minutes or hours.  Some may not meet up with anyone at all.  At its core, NAKED AND AFRAID XL is a societal challenge.  How will these survivalists respond to each other if and when they meet up?  Will they live together as one large group or will they break into smaller pockets of people?  Will some want to survive solo for the full challenge?

7月6日,星期四 晚上11點首播。
Premieres on Thursday at 23:00, July 6.



Mosquitoes kill more than 1 million people a year, many of whom are children. Today, rapid environmental shifts like climate change and ease of international travel for both humans and goods have only increased the threat mosquitoes pose, hastening their spread around the globe. As mosquitoes are now able to survive and thrive in places they have never before – including Brazil, Florida, and as for north as Washington D.C. and New York – they are bringing diseases like Zika, dengue, and yellow fever to uncharted and unprepared parts of the world.

Shot on four continents, MOSQUITO features insights from world and health leaders as well as intimate stories of the men, women, and children who are living in fear that the next bite could be a deadly one.

硬漢當鋪第9季Hardcore Pawn S9
7月7日起,每週五 晚間10點首播。
Premieres every Friday at 22:00, starting July 7.


Meet the Gold family: As owners of Detroit's biggest pawn shop, American Jewelry and Loan, they've bought and sold things you can't begin to imagine! From tricked-out custom cars to a fake arm movie prop; platinum watches and the latest in fur fashion. Every day brings new customers and new opportunities.

舊貨獵人第8季Salvage Hunters S8
7月9日起,每週日 晚間8點首播。
Premieres every Sunday at 20:00, starting July 9.


Drew Pritchard is a modern-day treasure hunter searching the back roads of the UK to discover hidden riches. With demanding customers, high turnover and one of the biggest decorative salvage yards in the UK, Drew is constantly on the road, crisscrossing the country in search of derelict gems and forgotten remnants. Drew loves the thrill of the hunt and while he gets his hands dirty in the country’s architectural backwaters, his crack team of restorers is back at the shop giving old and rare finds a new lease on life.

金礦的賭注遠征篇Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
7月12日起,每週三 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Wednesday at 21:00, starting July 12.


In the 1890s thousands of men died trying to strike it rich on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail. In mining circles, these men are heroes and pioneers who risked it all for a chance at glory. Inspired by the death of his beloved grandfather, and tough as nails mining legend, John Schnabel, Parker Schnabel has decided to put himself through the ultimate test to see if he has what it takes to stand toe to toe with those who blazed his trail.

鯊魚週Shark Week 2017
7月24日 ~ 7月30日,晚間8點首播。
Premieres Monday ~ Sunday at 20:00, July 24 ~ 30.


SHARK WEEK is back! Television’s longest running and most anticipated summer event will make a huge splash this year with all-new compelling and jaw-dropping shark stories and shark technology.

特種部隊的地獄考驗Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week
7月29日起,每週六 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 21:00, starting July 29.


Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week is a British reality television series where physically fit civilian contestants are put through special forces style selection exercises. Each episode features an instructor and exercises from a different force, and contestants either withdraw voluntarily, are medically withdrawn, or are dismissed for poor performance.