搶救脫網族Homestead Rescue
1月4日起,每週四 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Thursrday at 21:00, starting January 4.


For the hundreds of families who decide to move entirely off-grid, the learning curve is a steep one.  Even the most resourceful and determined families often succumb to their first winter, monsoon or drought season.   In a last ditch effort to save their homesteads, these families call in survival experts to prepare them for nature's worst and force the ultimate decision: stay to tough out their first year, or pack it up and go back to civilization.


解密穿山甲Secrets Of The Pangolin
1月6日起,每週六 晚間8點首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 20:00, starting January 6.



婆羅洲保衛隊Frontier Borneo
1月6日起,每週六 晚間8點30分首播。
Premieres every Saturday at 20:30, starting January 6.


FRONTIER BORNEO is a breath-taking, action-packed journey into the lives of the remarkable men and unforgettable creatures found on the third largest island on the planet. Dealing with home-made bombs; exploring uncharted jungles; rescuing endangered animals and coming face to face with deadly creatures, is all in a day's work for the colorful characters featured. This unique cast of local and international wildlife rangers, explorers, scientists and conservationists help us uncover some of the most spectacular landscapes to be found in Borneo, and give us an unprecedented glimpse into the realities of this unique world.

街頭飆車族第2季Street Outlaws S2
1月15日起,每週一 晚上9點首播。
Premieres every Monday at 21:00, starting January 15.

歡迎來到非法街頭飆車族的秘密世界。奧克拉荷馬市以擁有「全美前十名最快街頭跑車」自豪,這些飆車族甘願花費鉅資並冒著坐牢的風險也要捍衛這個排名,免得落入他人手中。本季,這份排名又要大風吹了,幾位老戰將不幸落榜,新的挑戰者則有機會晉級,像是Boosted GT、AZN以及「蕩婦」El Camino。 賽事主辦者老大為了駕著他的「烏鴉」重回戰場,這次不再擔任主辦人。全新一季有更快的車、更多外地賽程、別州的挑戰者在自己的主場、更高的賭注、更瘋狂的老粗行徑,你準備好上路了嗎?

Welcome to the underground world of illegal street racing. Oklahoma City boasts a top ten list of "America's fastest street cars", and they'll pour a fortune into their cars and risk going to jail, just to defend that claim against any challengers. This season, The List will be shook up as some veteran racers fall off and some new challengers rise, including Boosted GT, AZN, and "The Slut" El Camino. Race organizer Big Chief steps down as racemaster so he can return to the ranks and race "The Crow". With faster cars, more out-of-town races, challengers from out of state on their turf, higher bets, and crazier redneck antics, get ready for a wild ride.


1月26日起,每週五 晚間9點首播。
Premieres every Friday at 21:00, starting January 26.

這是網路時代最爆笑的汽車節目,結合了車技與流行文化,娛樂性十足。節目中,兩位先前以節目Mud, Sweat & Gears聞名並愛車如癡的主持人湯姆福特和強尼史密斯,四處搜刮網路上最爆笑最瘋狂最刺激的影片,原汁原味呈現給觀眾。《最強車狂》網羅最精彩的片段,包括超強的特技、驚人的機械大亂鬥以及令人跌破眼鏡的駕車大凸槌。湯姆與強尼也忍不住瘋狂一下,憑著自己勇猛的駕車技術親身嘗試影片中嚇到吃手手的特技,並邀請網路上最知名的駕車高手來到攝影棚內大顯身手。

A hilarious car show for the internet age, this entertaining mash up of motoring and pop-culture sees car-mad hosts Tom Ford and Jonny Smith (of Mud, Sweat & Gears fame) scouring the web for the funniest, most madcap and nail-biting motoring videos that the online world has to offer. MOTORHEADS pulls together, all in one place, the best footage of incredible stunts, unbelievable feats of mechanical mayhem or the most shocking driving fails ever. Tom and Jonny are also inspired to create their own car-based craziness, pitting their driving prowess against some of the most outrageous motoring feats on the web and inviting some of the most popular online motoring stars into the studio to test their skills.